I never thought I’d be one of those people who “started a blog” or that I’d call myself a ‘blogger.’ That’s the funny thing about life, sometimes you end up on a path you didn’t see coming. Certainly was the case for me and this blog creation. For you to understand me & this blog’s purpose, I need you to read these few points…

  • I am LDS, so therefore my blogposts will be written true to that. I will often be posting about things that deal with being a Mormon. It doesn’t mean that everybody whose stories I end up posting will be LDS or written from that perspective.
  • This is not your typical-LDS-woman-authored-blog. I won’t be posting about decor, fashion, deal-finding, party hosting, crafting, etc. I will be posting things that might be considered by some to be ‘offensive.’ I will be doing my best to help facilitate #realtalk conversations about difficult subjects, hoping to spin these topics in a positive way. I’ll be pre-reading the shared posts before they get published, and will be making sure that the content doesn’t cross the line to be too graphic. For example, you may be reading about sexual abuse, but you will be spared from reading too graphic of details. Please know that ‘the world’ is having these tough conversations, whether we like that or not. The focus here is to have these tough talks in a faith based, positive, connecting, reaching out in love, kind of way. “The world” wants to talk about our problems and the hard things- to make us feel worse, or alone, or desensitize us, or to feed our appetites. I’m here to try to get us to connect in these subjects to provide the opposite. To help people not feel alone, to help us feel at least a little better, to keep us sensitive and aware on these topics, and to feed our souls first.
  • This isn’t a chick-only, age specific blog. Hopefully it speaks to all. Some things will be directed towards a certain gender or age category, but overall, the things shared should be able to be beneficial for all adults and teens to read.
  • I’m a hairstylist, actively behind the chair in my home salon, and I’m a mom, and I’m a wife. Forgive me when it takes me a while to respond or post. My goal is 2 posts/week- ideally one from me and one from you (assuming I get your stories- hint, hint, wink, wink.)
  •  I am not a therapist. I don’t have career/educational training on how to help people heal. But I have learned (thanks to living life) that when life gets tough there are 3 key things that help immeasurably to deal with and get through it –

People, Faith, and Positivity. Facilitating these keys are what I’m ‘on here’ to do.

  • I am not a writer. Well, not professionally that is.  If you are here to find profound literature with complete accuracy, you’re probably going to be let down. I’m just a gal with things to share and the guts to go with it. Similarly, the stories that get posted will be kept true to form, as the writer & owner of that story chose to express it.

This is not a platform for hatin’ and debatin’- so PLAY NICE people. Play nice. This is a space where people can be human, allowed to admit mistakes, acknowledge that nobody really knows it all, and just be ok with it. I pretty much dig it this way.

We Cool?



Written by Kaylin