You know the kind of self doubt that shakes your core so thoroughly that it leaves you unsure of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING? That’s what it’s been like to start this project.

But you know the kind of excitement that fills your whole soul that you feel it from your head to your toes and you’re sure that it’s picked you up & left you higher than you were existing before?

And lastly, the feeling you get when buckling up to ride on a new roller coaster- nervous, palms sweaty, excited, anxious, putting all your trust in the engineering- hoping you come out alive, knowing that you’ve waited long enough and that it’s basically too late to chicken out now, so you just take a deep breath and fully commit?!! And then when you’re riding that roller coaster- there’s a knock out combination of surprises- you find yourself closing your eyes because you’re too afraid to see what you’re about to do, screaming your brains out, laughing your head off, not able to breathe at all, stomach in knots, wishing it would end, but then finishing the ride and being so proud of yourself for actually getting the guts to do it (and happy that you lived), that you actually have the thought that you’d do it all again?

Yep, that’s what it’s like to start a new business too.
Maybe you haven’t felt these things, but chances are you have so you know EXACTLY what we are talking about. Whether it’s starting a new business, having a child, changing careers, moving to foreign territory, experiencing major life altering events will almost always ensue the same or similar feelings we just described.
You probably went through the same grueling process we’ve been putting ourselves through for months now- you know- where you’re up late and never able to turn off your racing mind while it works overtime to weigh pros and cons, search your heart, mind and soul to make certain that your motives are in the right place, you are praying, meditating, studying, stressing, thinking and then overthinking, asking all your trusted sources for guidance & direction, and then repeating it all over and over again- (especially when any doubt enters in.) It’s truly the refiners fire, but when you start to take form & proper shape, you realize how worth everything was and will be.
If you’ve been there, or you are there right now- let’s decide to celebrate the process!! These feeings mean that we have a life of our own, full of choices that are ours for the deciding & doing! How incredible!!

So no matter what it is that stirs you, moves you, that refines, guides and changes you-TAKE COURAGE– You aren’t alone.

Maybe you’ll mess up, a lot. Maybe you’ll fall down- straight on your face. Maybe you’ll get embarrassed by your novice and naivety. Maybe you’ll find yourself exhausted and uncertain that you have what it takes to do what it is you feel you need to do. Maybe you find yourself starting on a path and needing to turn around or change directions. But certainly, you won’t know until you try. You absolutely will find out what you’re made of. You’ll find you have more people with you than against you- (or at least you’ll know who to really trust and count on!) You will learn from your mistakes, you will change with each fall- become stronger and more able to rise up and try again. You will become less of a novice and more of an expert, line upon line, one day at a time. You will see miracles- whether they are the kind that gives you the boost you needed when you were out of energy, or the encouraging love when you were full of doubt, or the subtle reproof when you’re moving off course, or simply the rest you need to get up and try again another day. You will be changed through it all.

So don’t give up. Whatever it is that feels right and good to spend your days involved in, do it! Get in line, strap in, breathe deep, and ENJOY THE RIDE!

While our newest adventure is starting THE BLUEPRINTS PROJECT, yours might be something entirely different, but we often are connected by similar experiences. Anything worthwhile brings out all of the best and worst that are within and around us.
So let’s embrace the process together shall we?

We’d love to read about what your current adventure is that’s taking you for a wild ride, so leave us a comment!!

xoxo- Jill & Kaylin

Written by Kaylin